What the…

January 20, 2012

By popular request.
(lolz j/k, only had 2)

So many things to say.
Seems Jonne went and got himself a ‘stache, which was received by most by something like that:
TT__TT <– bleeding eyes (no not for real, this is mild exaggeration)

The comic above is me being in denial.

The ‘SQUIRREL’ is best understood after you’ve watched ‘UP!’ from Disney/Pixar.

The pun in What the fox’s name must be credited, but I don’t remember to who exactly, but Caitlin owns the plushie with the name, so let’s say to Caitlin. Feel free to correct me, one-day Rovaniemi companions.

The ‘disappointed’ look on Waury’s face was actually not meant to be there. Or maybe it was. XD

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