Well this is awkward.

January 26, 2011

Helloes. Long time no… write?

I’ve had a lovely time in England over New Year’s Eve and the first week of January. One of my friends introduced me to her job – archivist – for which I had expressed interest, and it just totally blew my mind on how fun and interesting I’ve found it. I know now what I want to study when I come back to Quebec (countdown: 40 days left in Finland)!

For some reason, knowing what I want to do as a long-term job made something click in my… head, mind, soul, whichever. I’m now a lot more relaxed about that whole Future thing everyone’s talking about.

For some other reason, I’ve experienced a wave of artistic inspiration like I don’t remember having in the past 6 years. I now start random drawings on paper that end up being colored by pencil (I hate pencils) if needed and some who are just tediously long to draw but that I stubbornly finish anyway (I’m usually lazy about that).
So, in short: the artist in me is kinda revived.

Now the bad part: it doesn’t include Closet Inc.
No, it’s not that I lack inspiration or ideas. I’m not… bored with it either. But it’s pretty much been the only thing I have drawn in the past 4 years, and like a child outgrowing its toys, I’m also going toward things suiting my “new” state of mind better.

No, this is not the end of Closet Inc. To all the people who read every comic and to my character, I feel like I owe you all more than unfinished story lines. I just need some time to do something else, and then to learn to reconcile both branches of my creativity 🙂

There is currently 2 projects I’ve begun, one of which has a close deadline and the other which is just stupidly long but well begun. I’ll be finishing those and then hopefully resume Closet Inc. normally, but we’ll see. You’ll have something new by Valentine’s Day 🙂

TL;DR – Closet Inc. is on hiatus

until February 14th at the latest.

Thank you to all who’ve supported me through these -almost- 5 years, and I hope 2011 is beginning well for you anyway :3


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