The Bridge (PoofFinns)

April 14, 2010


A few many explanations here. First, as you might know – or not – Kris has a new band, The Salvation. They got a record deal with Hype Records, which is Tommi Liimatainen’s label (Jonne and Lil Lii’s brother? yes.). Tommi is also their manager. They (the band and label) have offered the city of Turku many thousand euros to blow up one of the bridges over the Aura river for a videoclip.
My friends and I (I had many suggestions) imagined a lot of stuff about blowing up a bridge and how the boys would love that. This is the result =)

Do you like Kris’s pink army outfit? He really does have the outfit – just not in pink =3
(he’s Sir General Christus, now)

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