That was the end, indeed.

March 26, 2011

I am terribly sorry to have kept you all waiting, but sadly I must announce that this is the end of Closet Inc.

Thank you all for your participation, in comments and suggestions, and to everyone who helped with the ideas and promotion: it’s been a good five years.

The website will NOT be taken down, and it’s most likely that I’ll keep paying for the domain, so all the comics will remain accessible, should you wish to read them again.

If you have any question concerning an unresolved issue with a character or a plot, please ask, I’ll be happy to answer as honestly as possible.

You can still see more of my art on deviantART, and I also now have a tumblr account where I write and post… stuff.

Once again terribly sorry for everyone who had been waiting for more… =/

Best wishes to all :3


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