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Waury is grudgingly referring to THIS. Back in June. Ah ^_^;; Also, of them both, Waury is more likely to turn Gollum. AND, the joke they’re laughing about is a Doctor Who joke not of my making, but from this picture (I don’t know exactly where it came from – it came to me reblogged […]

I have my biggest final this afternoon, so I will be drawing and posting an overdue advent then. And since I don’t have other exams until Tuesday, I’ll try to post one advent per day to make up for it. (I know, it defeats the idea of an advent, but shush) Transcription because handwriting! Teemu […]

I’M NOT EVEN LATE! I DIDN’T EVEN FORGET!! This is a lie. Well, partly, because I did think about it about a week ago, but I was still fighting with a midterm project (that thing is still not dead v__v). ANYWAY!! Major props to Christina who, ONCE AGAIN, remembered the Closet’s birthday better than its […]

What the…

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By popular request. (lolz j/k, only had 2) So many things to say. Seems Jonne went and got himself a ‘stache, which was received by most by something like that: TT__TT <– bleeding eyes (no not for real, this is mild exaggeration) The comic above is me being in denial. The ‘SQUIRREL’ is best understood […]

Well, what she said, basically 😀 Sooooo… who guessed? 😀 What do you think of Time? 😀

Seems she would have done better to ask him… 19 days ago XD

I would like to point out that this is the first time closet!Jonne is angry. :3

I do think Jyrki69 is Elvis turned into a vampire, who then escaped the consuming spotlight of fame to hide in the dark winters of Finland, but then couldn’t stay away from music so long and got into a band. Makes sense, yes? Also, he totally blew  his cover last Saturday. My friend Maely and […]

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