Al’s Bar

October 26, 2012 | Leave a Comment

After inadvertedly ruined 3 hours of drawing last night, I redrew everything today 😀 We’re now entering soon Al’s Bar, which is not so fascinating in itself as Al is. I’ve missed Rumors. Even if they’re the reason I ruined the previous version of this comic. XD

Of Useful Teddies

October 10, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Dear Closeteers, Once we enter Al’s Bar (not in the next comic, but in the one after), Closet Inc. will cease to be the strictly PG13 comic it used to be. While nothing graphic will be depicted, language – in its vocabulary and the concepts it will depict – will be a lot more adult. […]

Sorri for the long silence :3

This is the kind of things I write. Now I want to draw Janne and his disowned teddies.

Anyone has started to wonder where that leads yet? Double panel for Monday and Tuesday together, as I’m leaving for 3 days at my parents’. Also might get something for my hands \o/ There will be an update on Wednesday, of 2 panels, for both that day and Thursday 🙂

Said fishbowl: Something fishy’s going on…

He sure does. Late update because I worked an 8-hour shift after practically not sleeping at all last night. Hands a little better though 🙂 (Herra Pehmolelu means, more or less, Mr Plush Toy)

Loud and clear. My hands are getting a little better but still won’t bend properly, so I might not have an update on Friday. Will do my best!

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