I don’t know? 😀

After terrible horrors concerning caps – we’ll spare you the details – we decided that prevention was best first started by education. So, we set up classes for our 3 Finns-at-risk, Janne, Tuomas and Jussi69. (note that Janne is shaved, to respect the League’s rule, and that Tuomas is not, since his facial hair is still […]

Discussing the League’s matters, we stumbled across Tuomas’s very special case. Although we’d never want to cut his hair SHORT, when too long, it does NOT look good. He’s also one of the few Finns who wears a beard nicely. Fortunately, we stated that we only have to remove non-aesthetic facial hair. We’ll have to make […]

From the Nightwish DVD “End of Innocence”: Though the original video is blurry and you can only be sure that at least Jukka is there (spot the bandana), I thought the whole of Nightwish would actually have extended the greetings.

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