This particular drawing made me realize that we’ve seen Jukka in only ONE comic XD That also explains why his eyes are green, because I never had to wonder about them until now, since in the first comic he has his eyes closed, and in the promo ones I’ve done, they’re either black-and-white or in […]

Aaawwwwwww. But he would. Taking the opportunity to wish a happy birthday to Karen!

Marko taught Tuomas. Tuomas teaches Marco. And there is something awfully weird about ‘Marco in a tutu’. >_> XD One more!!!

Happy Holidays to all of you, fellow non-native English speakers! (and to all of the others too, of course ;D)

…my new crushes this year are a heap of carnivorous hair and a butterfly. =3 P.S.: I hope you knew that Tuomas is a die-hard Disney fan…? *points cap*

Tutuomas and Perttutu are on for more adventures! Please welcome Marko to the Closet 😀 (inspired by Poets Of The Fall)

I have nothing to add, apart from:

Teemu said, “aren’t rules made to be broken?” My answer to that: No. They’re not. But they can be amended. Only if you’re nice. =)

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