Love is blind. (note the walking stick) Love hurts. Love is hitting on people. (Love was in the air – credits to Karen for that one XD) Teemu was struck by Love. 😀

“If Uniklubi was a boysband…” Idea credited to Meredith XD

The Zoo

October 31, 2009 | Leave a Comment

It’s true. (that, according to some sources, Jussi is an animal of Finland) In a complete other order of idea, Pinkass is currently in Sweden, and I miss her, so this comic is dedicated to her. <3

League 21: Kukka

October 17, 2009 | Leave a Comment

If you don’t know yet what that was about, here’s Uniklubi’s wideo for Kukka. (also, Jussi is really late in matters of haircut stealing: he’s gone back to early Sammy/Lil Lii)

The Toilet

May 23, 2009 | Leave a Comment

It wasn’t me I swear!!! Erm. Costume party at Closet Baari. Theme: animals. Teemu the Emu. Wiwian the DullFinn DollFinn Dolphin. Chulian the Cow. Jussi the Teddy. Funny things happen in the bathroom Closet…

Closet Baari

April 13, 2009 | Leave a Comment

(click to enlarge) Please note the following: the curtain poles and decoration made with clothes hangers; the pictures on the walls from Closet Inc; the toilet signs; Jussi scurrying away on all fours; Masa’s flushed look; Rumors noticing the previous 2 events. Also, Closet Bar only serves iced tea. Don’t ask why. The bartender is […]

So yes, another year went by, I am still alive, against all odds, after staying in Tampere for quite some time. As every year, a LOT of thank yous to everyone reading, commenting, and spreading my comics on the world wide web. Special thanks to all my Finland friends, none of which were Finns, but […]

Just a friendly reminder 😀 There are some things we can’t do, because we’re meant not to. Disclaimer: Stole the ‘I don’t, what’s the word? Care.’ from Adriana’s status on Failbook. Stole the ‘quote’ thing from Janne Karen =D

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