THERE WILL NOT BE A COMIC NEXT SATURDAY. I am entering an emergency drawing mode to complete promo drawings for the Uniklubi show in Tampere on Friday, which will take all my time. On to the news! There’s lots!! 😀

Did you recognize them all? In order of appearance: Life as the Red Queen (Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland) Lil Lii as a genius Facts as a dictionary The Muff as Marge Simpson (from the cartoon show The Simpsons) Jonne as a vampire (the sparkly kind from Twilight) Jyrki69 as a vampire (the romanticized, goth […]

Been a while since the last one, huh? Been busy this summer v__v But here’s a shitload of news! Enjoy! Now that comic…. >_>

Reflexion covered Roxette’s ‘Listen To Your Heart’ song. Please do note that Juha’s hair is red. And long. The League decided to overlook that… mistake of him. 😉 ~*^_^*~ In similar news, Reflexion will soon be putting out their new album, The Edge. You can listen to 2 news songs on their MySpace page 😀 […]

Juha is safe! 😀 Lauri is there! 😀 There’s a Swedish female in the closet! :O (Anette Olzon from Nightwish, from the duet she sang with Lauri on October And April) Tomorrow I’m going to cheat, cause I’m taking one of my best friends to the movies, and in exchange I get a guest drawing […]

Run, Juha. Run.

That’s a nice shade of red Juha, but not quite the right spot. (bored of my “to be continued’s” yet? :P) No, seriously.

So yes, another year went by, I am still alive, against all odds, after staying in Tampere for quite some time. As every year, a LOT of thank yous to everyone reading, commenting, and spreading my comics on the world wide web. Special thanks to all my Finland friends, none of which were Finns, but […]

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