Perttu really said that. (not to us directly though) My interpretation =D No innuendo of any kind. Mikko, don’t eat all the cookies. And Pinkass is the one giving the cookies cause, well, she actually is the one who made them =)

1. True conversation. We asked him at the Montreal show on May 1rst, and that’s what he answered. XD 2. He finally cleared on MySpace that he tripped in the bus and fell. He’s just lucky like that, I guess ^_^;; Poor P. no, the pain stars are not from his butt. they’re from his hand. […]

Antero pretends, sometimes, that he’s blind when he comes onstage. Many people believed it. Mischievous Manninen… Perttu is probably gonna kill himself while playing Refuse/Resist or something. But. He still holds strong. <3 Eicca + gaffatape = <3 + sillies Paavo has so many things on his CV. Cello, ski, motocross, diving, teasing Antero, being […]

The worst thing is, Perttu actually said that when first presented with Commodore XD Comm is kinda wondering why he is always thought of that way…

Well, those Finns are gonna make me crazy. Oh wait. I’m already crazy. Ahah. ^_^ Btw, that’s Sammy from Private Line over there. See advent #2 =)

Poor Perttu ^_^; His new top hat is very nice. But Theon was jealous. To be continued…


June 20, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Middle spring. Apocalyptica is doing a photoshoot in the USA. Somehow, Perttu manages to break his finger badly enough to be put to forced rest for 3 months, cancelling their opening for Metallica in Helsinki. I’m still wondering how that happened. (so does he and Paavo, in the comic) And this is my interpretation. =)

What? He already got the tutu!

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