Truth is… I really have no idea what the real Jussi and Janne look like right now. I’m betting Janne has a beard 😛 That’s why I settled for the average, typical looks :3

Is there some kind of protection society for fictional characters that could sue me for psychological trauma? ^_^;;

Have you ever tried shaving anything without some kind of soap/cream? Now imagine that on your face. Buuuurn. I understand the resentment ^_^;

Omg. It’s been AGES. For anyone not on Facebook – thus not getting the random stuff I’ve posted in the past months and not here cause they were, well, random and doodles – you should be able to check the said doodles on the page anyway, HERE. (Avengers and Life, mostly) I’m done with school […]

I’M NOT EVEN LATE! I DIDN’T EVEN FORGET!! This is a lie. Well, partly, because I did think about it about a week ago, but I was still fighting with a midterm project (that thing is still not dead v__v). ANYWAY!! Major props to Christina who, ONCE AGAIN, remembered the Closet’s birthday better than its […]

What the…

January 20, 2012 | Leave a Comment

By popular request. (lolz j/k, only had 2) So many things to say. Seems Jonne went and got himself a ‘stache, which was received by most by something like that: TT__TT <– bleeding eyes (no not for real, this is mild exaggeration) The comic above is me being in denial. The ‘SQUIRREL’ is best understood […]

I’m not certain I haven’t ever published this, but I know I shared it with friends. It was written in September 2008. ~ * ~ Thunder tore the already tense silence, as everyone prepared mentally for the final showdown. “Do we really have to?” asked warily an already exhausted Aleksi. “You know we don’t have […]

Break You Up

February 12, 2011 | Leave a Comment

DUN DUN DUUUN. Last part to be published on Monday! P.S.: Have you noticed that Pinkass now has…. boobs?

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