Juha has moved up a lot since 2007 – from prisoner to apprentice League member. He has become stronger and less afraid, and found his own voice. Still under Pinkass’s supervision though :3

Advent 2012

December 17, 2012 | Leave a Comment

I don’t know if you remember, but on Valentine 2011 (…nearly two years ago, WTH??), Juha rebelled against the League and… kinda agreed to participate. Here’s Pinkass proceeding to his training 8) (so no, she hasn’t hid him in a dungeon somewhere)

I have my biggest final this afternoon, so I will be drawing and posting an overdue advent then. And since I don’t have other exams until Tuesday, I’ll try to post one advent per day to make up for it. (I know, it defeats the idea of an advent, but shush) Transcription because handwriting! Teemu […]

He sure does. Late update because I worked an 8-hour shift after practically not sleeping at all last night. Hands a little better though 🙂 (Herra Pehmolelu means, more or less, Mr Plush Toy)

Maybe they left the stove on…? ……or forgot to lock the door…?

Loud and clear. My hands are getting a little better but still won’t bend properly, so I might not have an update on Friday. Will do my best!

Early update because I’m bored. The one-panel-a-day will be conditional to my hands’ state, which is far from brilliant right now because of eczema. It’s hard to focus on drawing – or feel like holding any kind of pencil – when it itches so bad you just want to cut your fingers off 😀 Still […]

That does NOT bode well. XD

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