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First, to Negative fans: No, I don’t think they would really have chosen their guitarist based on his name. To Gary fans: No, I don’t think his guitar skills were overlooked in his nomination. To Kris fans: No, I don’t think he would have been “replaced” by someone just for the looks/name/etc. I just found […]

(posted on this on June 2nd, 2010) This is still to date one of my most epic comics. Inspired by a cover of Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You” performed by various members of the Hype Records family, it turned into some kind of parody of the videoclip. See, the cover was performed […]

Sometimes you get what you asked for. Even if, actually, you didn’t really expect to get it.

I had seen Jonne kiss Larry but hadn’t seen him kiss Christus! Pinkass kindly educated me. I’m voting for Jonne/Larry though, so I made Jonne unhappy in this one… muahahaha. So, even if I think the video with Christus takes place before the one with Larry, I drew this as “Kriss’s revenge” over Larry… which […]

This is confusing.

March 21, 2006 | 1 Comment

THE video: Not much to add to that. Though Larry was not as reluctant as my drawing might suggest…

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