Sorri for the long silence :3

This is the kind of things I write. Now I want to draw Janne and his disowned teddies.

Anyone has started to wonder where that leads yet? Double panel for Monday and Tuesday together, as I’m leaving for 3 days at my parents’. Also might get something for my hands \o/ There will be an update on Wednesday, of 2 panels, for both that day and Thursday πŸ™‚

Said fishbowl: Something fishy’s going on…

He sure does. Late update because I worked an 8-hour shift after practically not sleeping at all last night. Hands a little better though πŸ™‚ (Herra Pehmolelu means, more or less, Mr Plush Toy)

Loud and clear. My hands are getting a little better but still won’t bend properly, so I might not have an update on Friday. Will do my best!

Early update because I’m bored. The one-panel-a-day will be conditional to my hands’ state, which is far from brilliant right now because of eczema. It’s hard to focus on drawing – or feel like holding any kind of pencil – when it itches so bad you just want to cut your fingers off πŸ˜€ Still […]

That does NOT bode well. XD

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