Hello. To Cali: As I told you 8) You might have noticed that I don’t seem to have a fixed update schedule. That’s because I don’t have one. So I don’t know when I’ll be updating again, or when I’ll stop to. Updates will still be posted on Facebook, Twitter (and MySpace by extent) and […]

You’re Special

July 20, 2011 | 3 Comments

(Valo was shaved like Janne was) A focus on shoes is actually overdue – my friend Maely suggested long ago some sort of shoe competition between the two of them. Never got around to actually doing it, even if I had sketches and scripts ready. Thank the long hours I spend in the employees’ room […]

There goes his regular exercise. 8)

I think I would run too. Btw, happy birthday, Teemu! 29! (for real, this time)

Stiletto Heels

March 27, 2009 | Leave a Comment

CREDITS TO CROW FOR THIS IDEA! We were exchanging text messages back and forth from Quebec to Ontario, and she suggested that Janne learned to walk with stilettos. And how could I ever mention stilettos without Matthau… …and sexy shoes without Valo XD

I’m really bad at wordplay XD Lindeer… ahah. Erm. Anyway.


June 20, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Middle spring. Apocalyptica is doing a photoshoot in the USA. Somehow, Perttu manages to break his finger badly enough to be put to forced rest for 3 months, cancelling their opening for Metallica in Helsinki. I’m still wondering how that happened. (so does he and Paavo, in the comic) And this is my interpretation. =)

Oh Deer

April 5, 2007 | 1 Comment

Valo: “Hurting Linde is like hurting Bambi. You just don’t do it.” So here’s Linde. Here’s Bambi. Oh deer. XD Isn’t Linde absolutely adorable? And you now see why there aren’t so many animals in the closet… XD omg, did *I* just quote Valo?!

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