Lil problems

March 4, 2013 | Leave a Comment

Oh, Lii. Life is kicking out Love, btw. There was a “*gigglesnort*” in there but apparently an 8×11 in paper is too big for my scanner. Go on. Speculate! XD Who is it, and what did Lii do with him?

Advent 2012

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This is relevant, I swear! XD

Of Useful Teddies

October 12, 2012 | 3 Comments

*insert Jaws theme here*

Of Useful Teddies

October 10, 2012 | Leave a Comment

Dear Closeteers, Once we enter Al’s Bar (not in the next comic, but in the one after), Closet Inc. will cease to be the strictly PG13 comic it used to be. While nothing graphic will be depicted, language – in its vocabulary and the concepts it will depict – will be a lot more adult. […]

PRAISE MY EDITING SKILLS. Kidding. I’m just really happy with it. SO. They have found the INTERWEBS. 8)

Hello! Sorry for the long silence, you know my usual defeats and excuses 😀 I got about a week off coming with little homework to do, and my hands are good, so we’re going to go ahead and find out what there is, out there. From the looks of Lii’s face, not all of it […]

This is the kind of things I write. Now I want to draw Janne and his disowned teddies.

Anyone has started to wonder where that leads yet? Double panel for Monday and Tuesday together, as I’m leaving for 3 days at my parents’. Also might get something for my hands \o/ There will be an update on Wednesday, of 2 panels, for both that day and Thursday 🙂

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