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Middle spring. Apocalyptica is doing a photoshoot in the USA. Somehow, Perttu manages to break his finger badly enough to be put to forced rest for 3 months, cancelling their opening for Metallica in Helsinki. I’m still wondering how that happened. (so does he and Paavo, in the comic) And this is my interpretation. =)

(posted on this on June 2nd, 2010) This is a feature in two parts, one for Close Inc and this one for Eurobands. Their simultaneous publication on their respective site brought me the most visitors within 24 hours so far in the Closet’s 4-year history. Among the featurees, 3 characters from worlds foreign to […]


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Nice change, this time it’s not one of the league chasing them! The idea came from Uniklubi’s Kaikki Mitä Mä Annoin video (displayed below), in which we see Teemu sitting in front of Antti’s drums, and said-drummer coming to get his drumsticks back. Then I saw a video of Christus playing drums during an evening […]

What? He got a farm. He really does, I swear. That tractor might be a bit small but… O:-)


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I read once that Eicca repaired everything with gaffa tape, including his own pants and cellos. I don’t know if it’s true, but I’ve heard some jokes about that a couple of times. Now when Perttu mentionned having taped his 3 injured fingers during the North-American tour in fall 2005, somehow the mental image of some Gaffaman […]

We all love Mikko, drummer of Apocalyptica. He’s sweet, he’s cute, he’s one hell of a drummer. But we wondered what could have convinced the guys to hire him. Here is then the result of our thinking, lol. ^_^ P.S.: The ‘thank cod’ is not a typo.

The Princes(s)

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Eicca and Perttu share a vibrant brotherhood. So close, they don’t hesitate much to show the cameras the true extent of that deep, fraternal love, such as… kissing each other? 😉 Perttu can be… fragile sometimes. Y’know. Eicca looks after him. =D

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