Last year’s treasure hunt for time during December was filled with wordplays and covered meanings to keep the secret up until December 25th. I guess that not all of you necessarily got all of them – the bad side of having a weird mind is that sometimes I’m very much alone getting the jokes it […]

They’re cousins, but they might as well be siblings. (but really, they love each other)

Subtle Cracks

June 20, 2010 | 3 Comments

I have seen two Negative concerts before the new album, Neon, came out. Once with Pinkass, and once alone. Both times, I’d been swooned by the Fucking Worthless song. Pinkass and I were CONVINCED he sang “so fucking cute“, and I was quite disappointed to read, in the booklet, that it was “so fucking cool“. […]

Random Doodles 2

March 2, 2010 | 5 Comments

Been a while… sorri v__v;; Yes I am. Yes, I am. I have safely arrived in Finland last Wednesday after a long series of stupid and unfortunate events. I’ll spare you the details, though some of it is so ridiculously unbelievable that it’s laughable. Here are some more doodles. I’m currently in Sweden for the […]

Random doodles 1

February 4, 2010 | 2 Comments

Hello, Closeteers! As some of you might have heard (read) of, I finally got my residence permit to go live in Finland. I bought my plane ticket 2 days ago – and I’m leaving in 17 days now 😀 Finns, beware >8D No, actually, I rarely get the guts to go up to them, so […]

Paavo actually asked that. I mean, I can understand the relevance of the question in a way, but damn, guys XD

With Eicca’s height, yeah, Comm is on top of the world! Tired of seeing Apo-guys much? …I hope not 0 🙂

The worst thing is, Perttu actually said that when first presented with Commodore XD Comm is kinda wondering why he is always thought of that way…

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