I’m not certain I haven’t ever published this, but I know I shared it with friends. It was written in September 2008. ~ * ~ Thunder tore the already tense silence, as everyone prepared mentally for the final showdown. “Do we really have to?” asked warily an already exhausted Aleksi. “You know we don’t have […]

THERE WILL NOT BE A COMIC NEXT SATURDAY. I am entering an emergency drawing mode to complete promo drawings for the Uniklubi show in Tampere on Friday, which will take all my time. On to the news! There’s lots!! 😀

Yes, yes, I know, many weeks without anything… v___v I have many ideas but never the right mood. *sighs* I *DO* have stuff in the works, so, don’t despair! In the meantime, have a music post 🙂

Let’s go in alphabetical order 😀

Bloodpit Intergalactic

January 20, 2010 | 8 Comments

I mentioned the Bloodpit Intergalactic community to a friend – after converting her to their music, win – and she asked, “What is that, Bloodpit in space?” And then I cursed cause I already have a long list of ideas D: But! Here it is anyways. First original comic posted here 😀 Btw, It’s BEER […]

Closet Baari

April 13, 2009 | Leave a Comment

(click to enlarge) Please note the following: the curtain poles and decoration made with clothes hangers; the pictures on the walls from Closet Inc; the toilet signs; Jussi scurrying away on all fours; Masa’s flushed look; Rumors noticing the previous 2 events. Also, Closet Bar only serves iced tea. Don’t ask why. The bartender is […]

Full credits to Caitlin/Dvine Insanity for this one! You can see her version of the event HERE. The idea: in the new Bloodpit song, “The Price To Pay” (to which you can listen HERE), Caitlin pointed out that the chorus sounded like he was saying ‘coat’ instead of ‘call’. Interesting images ensued =) Also, the t-shirt […]

Sheep Approved

August 27, 2007 | Leave a Comment

Alarik had seem to be all thrilled by Commodore when they met. But he needed a little accesorizing… ;D

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