Yet more continuation! But I finished the butterfly saga (for now) and the Juha one too. Arguing in 3, 2, 1…

I’d tell him to breathe slowly through his nose, but you know… …he doesn’t have any. He got a carrot though. Carrots are killer.

No, it’s not some type of martial arts he’s doing. He’s dancing. Conspiracy? You can’t spell conspiracy without writing piracy. Pirate butterfly? Mmmm…. …wait. I just said it was a ninja butterfly o_o ~ I’d like to take a moment to wish a very happy birthday to 2 marvelous friends, Karen and Meredith, thank them […]

Run, Juha. Run.

Trust me, it’s safer that way. Anyone a Zelda fan? 😀 (Unwritten part of the dialogue: Theon: The hat really suits you though. Brings out your eyes. Wiwian: This blue shovel could bring out your eyes, too. >:( I left it out cause it was a bit too…. violent XD)

…my new crushes this year are a heap of carnivorous hair and a butterfly. =3 P.S.: I hope you knew that Tuomas is a die-hard Disney fan…? *points cap*

That’s a nice shade of red Juha, but not quite the right spot. (bored of my “to be continued’s” yet? :P) No, seriously.

I have nothing to add, apart from, I’m still rolling on the floor. Trying to catch my breath from laughter. I don’t care if you guys don’t like it, I’m very happy with it anyway XD

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