Well, those Finns are gonna make me crazy. Oh wait. I’m already crazy. Ahah. ^_^ Btw, that’s Sammy from Private Line over there. See advent #2 =)

Alexi is actually releasing an instructional DVD, but, as you might have guessed, not about not clubbing baby seals, but about playing guitar. Only, in the news article in which I read about it, they mentioned the ‘guitar’ part much late. If it could be a DVD about anything, then why not use it for an advent? […]

Brought to you by: an anonymous commenter. Someone posted the question on the LiveJournal post announcing the advent calendar (about the 6th advent I put up), and I laughed my ass off. Thought I’d share =)

Poor Perttu ^_^; His new top hat is very nice. But Theon was jealous. To be continued…

Bwahahaha. Don’t piss off the businessman Paavo XD The idea was taken from an interview in which Paavo did try to mention the sales of the new album (which was relevant, actually) and Mikko kept telling him ‘You businessman!’. I imagined Paavo pissed off, but he was too nice to actually do that ^_^ (the interview […]

I’m not specially proud of this one, to be honest. Lesson learned: I really do suck at photoediting XD The comic is about Sir Christus getting lost in China upon arriving there some weeks ago. And about the cover he did of Lost In America by Alice Cooper =) (I’m still laughing about yesterday’s advent. It’s […]

The worst thing is that, it actually happened XD Only it was me, delivering the news to Pinkass. So yeah, credits to her for this idea XD And yeah, Muff dyed his hair. Black. This summer. Dude, perhaps I *really* suck. o_o (one of the alternative answers to Tee’s ‘you suck’ was: ‘you wish’ XD)

Dear Rasmus Fans, I am very sorry that Lauri’s first appearance in the closet had to be about the oh-well-known-and-so-not-funny-in-itself feathers he wears/wore in his hair (been so long since I saw pics of them…). But it was necessary for the comic. Love, me.

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