Dudes, he DID cut his dreads. Too bad it actually looks cute, I can’t set the League to hunt him. Ah well. No, I don’t sharpen my pencils like that for real.

So cute. I’m extremely tired right now, it’s 11:15 pm, we’re still celebrating Xmas with my bros and sis, and I took time to make this little doodle. <3

In life you need 2 things: a hammer to put stuff apart gaffa tape to put stuff together The hammer part could get messy. Better stay with the tape.

Had a not-really-but-still-inviting request, and that’s what it gave. Marco the Elf. Damn, I hope he never sees this XD

Paavo actually asked that. I mean, I can understand the relevance of the question in a way, but damn, guys XD

I’m really bad at wordplay XD Lindeer… ahah. Erm. Anyway.

With Eicca’s height, yeah, Comm is on top of the world! Tired of seeing Apo-guys much? …I hope not 0 🙂

The worst thing is, Perttu actually said that when first presented with Commodore XD Comm is kinda wondering why he is always thought of that way…

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