Sometimes you get what you asked for. Even if, actually, you didn’t really expect to get it.

Jonne’s little brother, doing a girl’s magazine test with Antti’s little brother, about whether or not you got a crush on someone. Lil Lii’s first steps into stealing other people’s haircuts πŸ˜€ (it looked suspiciously like Kris’s haircut for a while – so we imagined he wanted to look like him to get Jonne’s attention. […]

It wasn’t even unwrapped =(

I don’t know? πŸ˜€

Get your own today πŸ˜€

Mikko is always running around doing so much for Reflexion. Now Thumper gets to sleep <3

Matthau once said that Alarik doesn’t need to shave because no hair grows on his face anyway. Now about that haircut…..

What? He got a farm. He really does, I swear. That tractor might be a bit small but… O:-)

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