Lil problems

March 4, 2013 | Leave a Comment

Oh, Lii. Life is kicking out Love, btw. There was a “*gigglesnort*” in there but apparently an 8×11 in paper is too big for my scanner. Go on. Speculate! XD Who is it, and what did Lii do with him?

Al’s bar

February 25, 2013 | Leave a Comment

How Life saved Lii’s innocence. I especially like Al’s face in the first panel. I think it expresses rightly what he’s thinking 8)

What the…

January 20, 2012 | Leave a Comment

By popular request. (lolz j/k, only had 2) So many things to say. Seems Jonne went and got himself a ‘stache, which was received by most by something like that: TT__TT <– bleeding eyes (no not for real, this is mild exaggeration) The comic above is me being in denial. The ‘SQUIRREL’ is best understood […]

Saved By The…

September 8, 2011 | Leave a Comment

Ville just (maybe) saved Jyrki’s life! He should be grateful. XD Life is referring to how Lil Lii believes a bit too much what he reads, like a certain quote sheet… And Jyrki is trying to lay everyone off the scent that he might be a famous singer…

I hope you weren’t drinking when you saw this comic.

We hadn’t seen PK in a while 😀 Do you remember that he’s the bartender at Closet Baari? Rumors is starting to have a lot of fun with Lii. And PK is not going to stop him XD

Oh yes. A lot of fun to be had. XD And yes, Unilubi’s new album is out now 🙂

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