Subtle Cracks

June 20, 2010

I have seen two Negative concerts before the new album, Neon, came out. Once with Pinkass, and once alone. Both times, I’d been swooned by the Fucking Worthless song. Pinkass and I were CONVINCED he sang “so fucking cute“, and I was quite disappointed to read, in the booklet, that it was “so fucking cool“.

Until I realized that he was singing about Larry. Obviously. 8)

Now, Wiwian’s remark on breaking a mirror is
1. Not true.
2. Usually told when someone is very bad-looking, not the opposite.
3. Added because, so far, Larry is too cool to lose to him. 8)
Before anyone screams murder, no, I don’t think Wiwian is ugly 😛

And in reference to the title, “having a crack at someone” is to make fun of them. ;D

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