So this is the end

December 28, 2010

Of another 12 months of our lives.

Honestly, though there has been less happy moments (there always is at some point), I’m really happy with what the year has been like for me. New friends, new experiences, and a huge load of learning.

Closet-wise, it’s been incredible. Firstly because I finally got my own website (you have no idea how proud I am of those 3 words:, then because I pretty much managed to set up a weekly update pattern and stick to it. I’ve met new people thanks to it, and I managed to get drawings signed by 2 of the most influential bands in my comics – Uniklubi and Negative.
I came up with storylines rather than just one-joke comics. I introduced new characters – 3 of them original ones, which is also one of my biggest accomplishments. I have loads of ideas, or half-formed ideas, for the next year.
You can expect at least to see band pages by the end of January, and a page for my signed promo drawings πŸ™‚

Tomorrow I’ll be flying to England for a week and a half, as the first real time off since Sweden in March (or the summer before that, if you count that I joint-babysat with Pinkass). This means that after 25 comics in a row, I’m taking a little vacation 8) I should be back by January 8th, so you may or may not get a comic on that Saturday. We’ll see how England likes it to let me go πŸ˜›

And then, upon my return on January 7, there will be exactly 2 months left to my Finnish residency… for now. And then, exciting new prospects back in Quebec! πŸ˜€ Looking forward to everything, really.

So here’s to another year gone by, on which we should not dwell, but learn from, and move on to another cycle of seasons full of surprises and opportunities. Kippis!!

~Laury <3

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