Review: Negative (St. Felix, The Grammers) @ Nosturi, Helsinki – April 16th, 2010

21:22: We are in Nosturi, waiting for the show to begin. The stage is decorated with street memorabilia – urban background, lamp post – and a sign that says, “Live To Ride”. The lineup was changed pretty much last minute, as the opening band – The Winyls – is missing its drummer, stuck in France because of the eruption in Iceland. Damn volcanoes v__v Earlier I had an email informing me of the new lineup, which includes The Grammers as replacement.

We’re also getting St. Felix, which according to their flyers, is “a new Finnish indie-rock band, pronounced SEINT FIILIKS” (I swear it’s what’s written, we have picture proof, see below). That one comes as a total surprise since we thought we only had one opening band.

St. Felix
They begin on time, which is a plus. We decided to call the singer Special, in a very loving way. He looks like he took a bit too much caffeine, especially compared to the other band members (who are much calmer). But definitely entertaining.
Waury: The music is interesting, though to our ears it sounds like the Hellofatester era of The Rasmus, with a small hint of INTO. The bassist looked like the glaring Finn.
“Giants never never can stop the weather”
We’re kinda lame so we keep making references to bands we know. A Billy Talent moment, a part sounding like Guano Apes, and now some kind of rap à la Papa Roach.
Though I won’t personnally run to get their album from the gig only, I do believe they’re worth giving a shot.
Pinkass: They’re not bad, but it’s not a particular sound, so it didn’t hook me. I’d listen to it on the radio.

The Grammers
Two guitarists, the drummer, a keyboardist (less work for PK), a bassist and the singer: the stage is a bit crowded.
Pinkass: they really sound like a band from the 80’s. The singer is a bit à la Axl Rose, with songs that have a neverending ending.
Waury: Personally I think it’s good music, though not quite my style. Never got hooked on the classic so it doesn’t exactly talk to me.
Pinkass: Of course the blond guitarist’s long hair is perfect. They have a good energy onstage, they’re not static (especially considering the limited available space), though that goes with the type of music they’re playing. St. Felix was a bit weirder, which is fine considering it was an indie band.
Waury: We misheard the title of one of their songs into “Sauna de Sauron”, which was actually “So Long Sorrow”. That’s a win.


Pinkass: HOT. DAMN. We left satisfied.
Waury: The only time I’d seen them before was at Tammerfest in 2008, with Gary, and that was definitely not one of their best. This time completely made up for it.
Pinkass: They seemed to have found their balance, to really be just them, without overdoing glitters and accessories.

The stage has been a bit modified. The street decoration stayed, but they had added many neon signs – among which a huge horse which was (but shouldn’t have been) on its back. They also had a screen in the background.

Jonne looked quite tired at the beginning of the show, but as the gig progressed he seemed to regain energy. The whole lot of them seemed to be very happy to be there.
They opened with Won’t Let Go, which at once set the venue ablaze. Motherfucker followed, during which Jonne did look quite angry. After All preceeded Moment Of Our Love, which was a nice highlight of the gig for us, partly because we love the song, but also because we haven’t listened much to Karma Killer (we don’t know the new songs that much). Giving Up! gave way to a new song, No One Can Save [Me]. After hearing End Of The Line off MySpace, NOCSM is definitely promising Neon to be a good album.

Waury: I was delighted when they started playing My My/Hey Hey, as it’s still one of my favorite from them.
Pinkass: It was a really really good one.

In My Heaven is one of the first songs we – as outsiders from Camada – ever heard from them, and that was also a special one for us.
After that song, they all left the stage, and only Jonne returned, bearing an acoustic guitar. He played Still Alive alone, or as alone as you be when the whole crowd is singing with you. That was a really beautiful.
He went on a new song, still alone onstage, that is definitely already one of our favorite from the upcoming album: Fucking Worthless. Don’t let the title fool you: it was a very sweet, adorable song:

“You’re so fucking perfect / You’re so fucking cute / I’m so fucking worthless / When I’m not around you”

The whole crowd, mainly composed of girls, went AWWWW. The rest of the band came in toward the end, taking the song a bit more to the rock side.
The Ornament was next, and they ended the main set with Planet Of The Sun, which was sung along to like an anthem.
They left the stage for a while, waiting for us to get a bit impatient, and finally returned for a 3-song encore. Frozen To Lose It All was first, followed by yet another new song, Love That I Lost (in which he says he’s had enough), and they ended the show with Sinner’s Night / Misty Morning (which made me very happy cause it’s my favorite off Anorectic /Waury).

As the final notes stretched into a typical end-of-show neverending ending, Jonne kept demanding cheers by stepping up to the edge of the stage, repeatedly and in various fashions, all of which were each time greeted with screams and applause. When the last instrument died out – not before Jonne climbed on, fell off, then climbed again Jay’s drums to jump off them – the rest of the band joined him up front for the traditional salutes and throwing of roses. Antti had a few ones sticking out from his pants, some of which got partly broken. Though neither of us managed to catch one (they almost threw them all to the other side of the venue, of course), we did managed to find a broken stem, and one of Antti’s plectrums he’d previously stuck to his forehead (in sweat or spit).

Mission accomplished!

The gallery of my host is being stupid at the moment, so please go
(photobucket) for the gig’s pictures by Pinkass!


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