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February 4, 2010

Hello, Closeteers!

As some of you might have heard (read) of, I finally got my residence permit to go live in Finland. I bought my plane ticket 2 days ago – and I’m leaving in 17 days now 😀

Finns, beware >8D
No, actually, I rarely get the guts to go up to them, so they’re safe 😛

However, you can imagine, a lot of my time – and even more of my attention – is directed toward me moving overseas. However, good for you! Because, if I don’t really have inspiration for new comics, I have to put my sketchbooks and portfolio in order – meaning, you get doodles 😀

Also, I’ll try to draw something before I leave. 😀

Here goes!

This is why I don’t dance in public 😀

Aw, family <3

This is a funny story.
The dude is Marco, one of my coworkers from an old job I had a few years ago. That one time, Pinkass (who worked at the same place) as doodling on his arm. I wanted to draw as well. So I did.
In that comic, the dialogue would go as follows:
Me: OMG I wanna draw too!
Marco: ?
Pinkass: You do?
Me: I do! And more! And more! More! And and!
Pinkass: …. *doesn’t think there’s enough space for that on his arm*
Marco: ?
*moments later*
Me & Pinkass: *high-five*
Marco: *happy*

That’s it for now. I got more in reserve, so be patient, and I’ll put up some more soon 😀

Take care!!

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