For lack of a better word.

I don’t get albums signed, or pictures with bands. But I make special drawings especially to get signed by them. I also usually give the person signing a copy of the print they autograph. I guess that’s the promo part.


Notes: signed in January 2008 in Montreal, Quebec. Also had one for Antero who, true to himself, never came out.


Notes: signed in September 2010 in Helsinki, Finland. I spent 9 hours on Antti’s alone, who was sick that night and stayed in the tourbus; I got the signature through Jonne but no reaction on it. I managed to catch him a few months later at an Uniklubi show and got his impressions on it.


Notes: signed in May 2008 in Quebec City.


Notes: signed in September 2008, in Montreal, Quebec. Henkka (Henrik) was delighted with it and I got a hug for it 8)


Notes: signed in two parts in 2010 (November and December). I was most anxious about getting these signed because I knew from the MySpace interview that they’d seen all my Uniklubi-related comics until summer 2008. Teemu laughed and said he did remember them, Janne said he had indeed seen those many times. I didn’t get bricked. 8)


Notes: signed in January 2007 (all but Archzie’s, which remains unsigned to this day) in Montreal, Quebec. Those were my first time getting prints signed, and you can see the difference in the drawing style. Also, the fail in the absence of Bazie’s piercings.