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October 6, 2010

As promised…

Out of the 40 (nice) people who did take the survey, almost all of them answered that they’re 18 and over (which is relevant to the eventual installation of a Closet Inc ‘spin-off’ rated more mature).

The favorite comic is still “Jussi is more – ” after, well, almost exactly 4 years now. Does that mean I haven’t done anything good since?? XD Kidding. Second place goes to the Wiwian/microphone/Theon comics in general, and then the Lil Lii adventures.

As for characters, Jonne got a high score of 15 votes, followed by Jussi and Wiwian (9), Theon, Janne and Antti (6). I’m also quite happy that my original characters are well appreciated in general, and that the mic even got 3 votes XD

Concerning which old comic you would like to see redrawn FIRST, How To Be A Rockstar won with half the votes. Which is not surprising me either. Voted most anticipated follow-up is the Wiwian/microphone/Theon triangle (how convenient! that’s also the one I wanted to draw most, and the one you’re getting now :D), followed closely by the Lil Lii adventures.

Suggestions for other fandoms insisted on Reckless Love, Deathstars and 30 Seconds To Mars/Jared Leto. Harry Potter and Torchwood were mentioned (I’m patial to those 8D), as well as Buffy (:D), Glee (!), Lord Of The Ring and Japanese bands in general. HIM was also requested, though technically already part of the closet, and Private Line, which is just very hard to do because THEY’RE NOT REALLY DOING ANYTHING V____V Sigh. But! Duly noted 🙂

A third of the respondents check the update every weekend or Monday (which makes me real happy, means I’m not alone looking forward to it :P) and mostly from Facebook (which is great, since it’s the easiest place to update – doesn’t mean I won’t update anywhere else, no worries).
Most of the readers come from Europe (meaning my tshirt saying “I’m famous in Europe” is still accurate), and second most from North America.

And finally, the meaning of life is, according to you in order of importance, 42, music, to love and be loved, and to live and let live. No one wrote “To PARTY!”, which is resented by one of my future characters 8)


The reason I made this survey is that I know what my favorite comics and characters are, and it was fine when I did those comics mostly for myself.
But I’m not doing it mostly for myself anymore. Now I’m trying to vary the storylines to make sure you don’t get bored, I’m wondering what you will understand from the comics, if you’ll laugh as much – or more! – as I did at the jokes. And it’s fine! I treat you as a public expecting something, and I’m making it work with what I can offer, and I’m trying to improve it as well. Which is why you now get more consistent stories, spread over 3-4 comics, and a comic a week instead of whenever 🙂

Asking which comics and characters you love best points me to things you’ll appreciate more, and it helps me create and come up with new jokes and ideas. I was trying to find the sequel to the Wiwi/mic/Theon triangle – which only came to me a few hours before I posted the comic yesterday – and knowing that you were all just as interested to see how it would develop as I was gave me the boost I needed. I got material for 4 comics now!

Also, asking which other fandom you’d like closetified tells me about the other things you like, which can give me clues as to where to look for inspiration. My script-helper, the Mega-Awesome Michi, and I came up with lots of stupid ideas from those suggestions. Hopefully I can share some with you eventually XD

And last reason, and not least of all, I very much enjoyed reading your answers. Last weekend was my birthday, and I consider your answers as your gift to me ;D


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