At Least One Hallow’s Eve

October 31, 2010

Did you recognize them all?

In order of appearance:

Life as the Red Queen
(Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland)
Lil Lii as a genius
Facts as a dictionary
The Muff as Marge Simpson

(from the cartoon show The Simpsons)
Jonne as a vampire
(the sparkly kind from Twilight)
Jyrki69 as a vampire
(the romanticized, goth rocker kind)
Juha as Voldermort
(main villain in the Harry Potter series)
Wiwian as King Leonidas
(from the epic movie 300)

What are YOU dressing as for Halloween?

Mmmmm, maybe two Hallows after all. Maybe someone’s hiding under the Invisibility Cloak…?

By the way, if you’re wondering “WTF happened to Wiwi’s hair!” in the comic, it was a premonition to THIS. (thank you Heather!) I drew the comic before watching that video, so the shorter hair was just to suit the costume, really… XD

And the SEQUEL to this.

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