So I actually announced it everywhere but specifically here, BUT! The Character’s Page is now up and running. I finished yesterday to add the groupings by bands and such, so it’s more easily navigable. Most of you will already have gone through it, but well. It’s still there 😉

Then! Music post!

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Apocalyptica has announced the release date for their upcoming album 7th Symphony, which is August 27. Among the collaboration, resident-guest Dave Lombardo (drummer; Slayer) on the track “2010”, Joseph Duplantier (singer; Gojira) on “Bring Them To Light”, Lacey Strum (singer; Flyleaf) on “Broken Pieces”, Brent Smith (singer; Shinedown) on “Not Strong Enough”, and for the first single, “End Of Me”, Gavin Rossdale from Bush.
(I’ve also been told, Mikko managed to get his hands on a cello contrabass (thank you Katja!) on “Beautiful” .__.)

In addition, if anyone has the occasion to, Apocalyptica will be played at the Festival D’été de Québec, in Quebec City, Canada, on Sunday July 18th. It might be worth it to check it out, because surprisingly, Rammstein will also be playing there on the very same day. Benzin, anyone?

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Naked is preparing the release of a new album, Double Down, on a yet unconfirmed date. You can listen to a preview of a few track on MySpace. Don’t forget to become fan on Facebook to stay updated 🙂

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Negative released their new video for the single “End Of The Line”, which you can see below:

(Better quality video than previously, thanks Karen for the heads up :D)

Neon, their new album, will be out on June 2nd in Finland.

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SURPRISE! Private Line is not dead and will perform twice of their ever few gigs this summer. You can see them at Pegorock Festival in Mantova, Italy, on June 2nd, and in Helsinki at Dante’s Highlight, on June 4th. Tickets for Helsinki on Tiketti.

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Reminder: The Salvation is playing at Semifinal, in Helsinki, on May 21rst. Tickets 7€ on Tiketti.


I… think I don’t have anything else to add…? Upcoming: Festival Post 😀

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