Yes, yes, I know, many weeks without anything… v___v I have many ideas but never the right mood. *sighs*

I *DO* have stuff in the works, so, don’t despair!

In the meantime, have a music post 🙂


Apocalyptica are still on tour now somewhere in the world. They have been playing new songs live, and the videos found their way on the net…
Sacra and Beautiful (Youtube, opens in a new window)


No new from Bloodpit, but Alarik has new projects, The Cloudycators (MySpace and Facebook) and Jalava (MySpace).
Antti and Pietu also have a new project, Ravín And The Deceivers. They have neither a MySpace or a Facebook, but you can try to find online where they might be playing =3


Negative is still touring, and this Friday they’re at Nosturi in Helsinki. Pinkass and I are going =3 Yes, yes, I promise we’ll behave =3


This is actually making my night. Speaking of night, Nightwish just posted the answers to the latest Nightmail. Dead gameboy batteries is a good justification for starting to read =)


Personal recommendation: I got my hands on the new Poets Of The Fall album, Twilight Theater, and I love it. So does Pinkass. Marko recently has a throat infection and they had to postpone a few shows, but hopefully he’ll be back in no time 🙂


Now this will be old news for some of you, but I have to write it anyway 😛
Many months ago, our dear Pinky Sir Christus announced that he quit his band (I don’t actually remember which one it was – SnoWhite?) to work on another project.
And so he did!
A few weeks ago, a new band went public: The Salvation (Facebook, MySpace).
Now don’t get too excited, there’s no music posted yet.
BUT. It looks pretty serious. For one, the other guitarist of the band is none other than Jack Smack from Private Line. For two, they’re already signed to Hype Records. For three, their manager is Tommi Liimatainen himself, who, after seeing Kris’s course to hell during the old Negative days, must have had a damn good reason (other than, he’s a damn good guitarist) to take this up again.
They are set to record this summer, and though many are hoping, no plan for a Tammerfest appearance has been made so far. They do encourage you to contact the festival’s organization though.
To celebrate the new band, Tommi has offered the city of Turku many hundred of thousand euros to blow up one of the bridges over Aurajoki. Though it’s been decided in the past few days that the bridge, currently out of order as the sides have partially sunk, would be replaced, no word has been issued on what would happen to the old one.
How exciting. I went to Turku with a friend around Easter and we took pics of the bridge. We officially crossed a new line: bridge stalking.
Stay tuned.


Finally, Uniklubi have been in the studios for a while now. You can follow their diary on the forum, in Finnish and in English.

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