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November 14, 2010

So yeah, if you haven’t read the music post – Private Line has announced they’ll have a new album soon.

One of my friends, Karen, said that she believes more in unicorns than she does in that album.

We’ll see…. XD

vvv Also, what had to happen, happened… vvv

Friday was a bit of a special occasion, as I attended what might be my last Uniklubi concert for this trip to Finland. For the occasion, I drew the “usual” promo pics, which are not really promotional at all if you really think of it, because I don’t really want them to come see my comics anyway.
2 years ago they did an interview for their MySpace, in which they were showed printed of my comics concerning them. They did seem to find them funny and everything. But it still made me really nervous to kinda “reveal” myself as the author.
The show itself was great, even if I knew only like, 3/5 of the songs, and the lyrics only to maybe 4 songs. The stage seemed a bit to small for the energy they had to give, which is a bit of a shame too. Great all the same πŸ˜€
I waited when they were done, and with lots of support from the people I was there with, I successfully managed to get Teemu, Antti and Jussi to sign my drawings.
Teemu was first, and as I handed the drawing I said he might recognize them – he laughed and said he did. He might have complimented them but I realize I was half listening and already shaking from a previous encounter, so, fail. But well. No bricking πŸ˜€
I managed to catch Antti thanks to Nora, who pointed to him in the lobby after I had thought he’d slipped away. He laughed at the drawings too, though he didn’t say anything about recognizing them.
Finally, Janne was intercepted just before he headed off, and he said he had seen those “many times”, which I guess meant that the interview wasn’t the only time, and it vaguely worries me. Anyway. As with the others, I gave him a copy and wished him good night πŸ˜€

As for the “previous encounter” that made me shaky, I finally managed to get Antti Anatomia’s reaction on my drawing from September. He said it was awesome, and that he’d seen one of each band member too. I told him it too me 9 hours for his alone, for all the details, and I added that I hate his dreads. They look awesome but they’re he’ll to draw. He nodded gravely and replied, “I know.” XD We had a short conversation about a Canadian band I didn’t really know (but that I will check out : Anvil) and I wish him good night.

All in all, a success, even if I’m still missing Jussi’s and Pasi’s signatures. Ah well πŸ˜€

Here they are:

Unsigned: to be replaced by copies without my huge logo on when I finally get them signed.

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