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This is still to date one of my most epic comics. Inspired by a cover of Queen’s “Too Much Love Will Kill You” performed by various members of the Hype Records family, it turned into some kind of parody of the videoclip.
See, the cover was performed by members of 5 different bands at the time, which we all felt was a bit… “too much”. Jonne, Larry, Christus and Snack represented Negative; Jann Wilde, whichever band’s name he was playing under at the time; the unknown dude with the glasses is Christian Fjäder from Dead By Gun; and doing the background vocals were Ville Liimatainen (aka Lil Lii here) from Flinch and Jussi Selo from Uniklubi.
In the comic, I added Sammy from Private Line, as we joked a lot about Ville stealing his hairstyle, and Tina (the pink-haired squeeing over Kris’s stairs scene) who works for Eurobands.
As for the ending, I just figured that someone had to be sane enough to just get fed up and leave the overcrowded set, and Snack was perfectly designated for that XD

The video:

The original song:

Dead By Gun’s website

Link to original post on Eurobands

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