Closet Inc. is a webcomic whose characters are inspired by Finnish bands and people close to the author. The situations depicted are fictional, unless otherwise stated and explained the comic’s commentary.

Closet Inc. is not a real incorporated company.

Most of the characters of this webcomic are inspired by real-life people up to a certain point. For comedy and storyline purposes, the personas are distorted and parodied and do not reflect their muses.

Though they refer to real people, the characters are all copyrighted to Laury M. Dragon (me), unless stated otherwise, with a few exceptions, listed below:

Pinkass (co-copyrighted Priscillia Sicuranzo/Pastlink)
Commodore The Red Tie Sheep (co-copyrighted Las and Commodore The Red Tie Sheep)

The following characters are Closet Inc. originals and therefore cannot be used without permission :

Waury (aka She-Who-Hates-Pink)
Emily The White Tie Sheep
PK, the Phantom Keyboardist
The Ninja Butterfly

Closet Inc. has not been approved by any record label or band, and is published independently.

If you are or represent one of the Finnish musicians and have any complaint (or praise), please communicate directly with me at waury (at) closet-inc (dot) com.

If a photograph you took is posted here without your permission / watermark / credit, please let me know of the changes you wish me to do about it (add watermark / credit, or remove it altogether).

Updated on February 12, 2013.