But how I love them still.

My laptop overheated on Monday last week, and some hardware might have taken a hit. As a result, the system consistently froze and shut down after a few minutes of use. I had to bring it to the store (closest of them being in a city 1.5 hours away by car…) and am expecting to get it back in… 2 to 4 weeks.

Luckily, I didn’t lose any data, as it stay on long enough for me to save everything important (aka all the drawings I hadn’t backed up yet. Music and pictures are replaceable, art – not.)

It still left me without a computer. My sister allowed me to use hers (I live with her and her family for the extent of my studies in this city) but… it’s now MY computer.

So yes, I’ve been complaining ever since about not having my own system. Mostly that I miss my laptop. I mentionned it to my brother-in-law last night, while he was working on fixing some computer he’d brought in (he often does that: he’s the IT for most of his friends/family). And a few minutes later, he tells me to go stand at my own desk with the cable he’s handing me. I asked why, he explains that the computer is for me until I get my own back, and the cable is to connect it to the interwebs.

Cue embarrassed adoration for him.

Result: running on WinXP, which is good enough for Photoshop and my tablet, but working with what is usually my second screen as my main. Square instead of the rectangle of my laptop, so drawing-wise, it’s getting a bit of use to. Hence the crappy sketch above.

Additionally, today we had a very boring cataloging class. Here’s Curiosity with her cat 😀

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