Muse: Jussi Selo, singer for Uniklubi
Specificity: brown/dark hair, often a lipring on the right side
Because Jussi was a regular subject of the League, his looks have changed a LOT over time. He’s had shoulder-length black hair, then beard, then short brown hair, then no hair at all, then a mullet. He’s had his lipring on and off, too.
Personality-wise, he used to be very fearful of the League, but with time he got a lot more cocky and tends to stand up for himself and/or his friends. He’s very close to his brother Janne and his… Masa. Comics – Top


Muse: Janne Selo, guitarist for Uniklubi.
Specificity: long blond hair, bandana, white shirt with a star, black vest & pants
Just like their muses, Janne and Jussi are brothers in the Closet. Janne was the first… patient for the League and keep bad memories of it. Though he won’t stand up against the league on hair matters (he knows he deserves it), he will be quite… threatening on anything close to the matter of his… height. Favorite weapon: bricks. That he’ll hurl at your head. He’s Wiwian’s best friend. Comics – Top

Antti M.

Muse: Antti Matikainen, drummer for Uniklubi.
Specificity: short reddish hair
Much like many of my characters, Antti M. would benefit from anger management sessions. But then it’s not all his fault, cause we just tease him when he’s grumpy. Usually seen around Teemu. Comics – Top


Muse: Pasi Viitala, guitarist for Uniklubi.
Specificity: long, tied brown hair, beard and mustache
Pasi hasn’t really appeared much in the comics either, and he seems often to wonder what the hell he’s doing there. He’s otherwise quite acceptant of it. Comics – Top


Muse: Teemu Rajamäki, bassist for Uniklubi.
Specificity: no constant; usually relatively short dark hair, dark clothes, being harassed by dealing with the League
Teemu was very early on a… patient of the League. Facial hair, changing hair style, wearing dresses, you name it, he’s done it. Though he also has become cockier, he’s still very much wary of the League, with good reason. He has this ongoing rivalry with Waury, in particular. Comics – Top