Muse: Juha Kylmänen, singer for Reflexion (and For My Pain).
Specificity: Long flaming red hair / chained in the Jail/dungeon
Though Juha was the first character to appear in the Closet, he doesn’t exactly have much of a personality. He’s a bit submissive to the League’s treatments, and very much dreams to get out of the Jail (though he’s secretly afraid of the Outside World). He’s been seen with darker red hair, and semi-long black hair, which will never happen again. Comics – Top

Mikko U. (Thumper)

Muse: Mikko Uusimaa, bassist for Reflexion.
Specificity: short red hair, often with bunny accessory
Mikko U. hasn’t actually said anything in the comics, but he’s known as “that cute red-headed guy with bunny ears” because, for some reason, the nickname Thumper stuck to him. He only lives up to the bunny-and-cute parts, as he’s usually quite calm. Comics – Top


Muse: Jyrki “Jykri69” Linnankivi, singer for The 69 Eyes.
Specificity: dark short hair, leather clothes, goth look
Jyrki69 believes he’s a vampire (the non-sparkly-though-not-spontaneously-combusting-in-the-sun kind). He actually hasn’t appeared much in the comics, and some of those times were unfortunate (my own fault, I guess). Comics – Top


Muse: Jussi “Jussi69” Vuori, drummer for The 69 Eyes.
Specificity: spiky short black hair, muscled, half naked
Jussi69 is mostly being… kept around for … material reasons, which he doesn’t like. He’s usually awkward whenever he appears in the comics, because, well, material reasonsComics – Top


Muse: Alexi “Wild Child” Laiho, singer and guitarist for Children Of Bodom.
Specificity: long blond hair, pinch, looking badass
Alexi has this very cool, hardcore look going on but he’s really an adorable softy. The Million Dollar Baby Seal is his best friend. Comics – Top

Janne Warman

Muse: Janne “Warman” Wirman, keyboardist for Children Of Bodom
Specificity: long untied brown hair, beard without mustache
Janne Warman only appeared once in the comics, as Alexi’s counterpart. He is pretty much following Alexi’s lead in general. Comics – Top



Muse: Sami “Sammy” Aaltonen, singer for Private Line.
Specificity: short blond hair, nose ring
Sammy has mostly been the vicitm of looks theft by many other characters, which annoys the hell out of him. He aims to be unique and original. Comics – Top


Muse: Japa/Jack Smack/Jack Leopard, guitarist for Private Line / The Salvation
Specificity: short black hair, nose ring
Japa is cool, and don’t you dare say otherwise. He especially don’t like chihuahuas and has no shady items of clothing in his wardrobe.  Comics – Top

Tony (Mr Happy)

Muse: Tony Kakko, singer for Sonata Arctica.
Specificity: semi-long dark wavy hair, beard, plaid pants, t-shirt over longsleeves
Tony’s muse is often bouncy, and so is the Closet character. He’s also a bit clueless and naive, but it comes from his enthusiasm for life and pretty much everything he encounters. Tuomas is his best friend. Comics – Top


Muse: Elias “E.Vil” Viljanen, guitarist for Sonata Arctica.
Specificity: long light brown hair
E.Vil has only appeared once, sharing his rocker looks with us and being awkward in the League’s presence. Comics – Top


Muse: Ville Valo, singer for HIM.
Specificity: oval head, thin, usually beard and mustache, vaguely curly hair
I’ve had those very insisting requests for HIM appearances in my comics, even if I’m absolutely not a HIM fan, and I finally gave in a few times. He has become Muff’s official nemesis, as he stole the SEXY SHOES that were first Muff’s property. You’ll see them chasing one another around. Comics – Top


Muse: Mikko “Linde” Lindström, guitarist for HIM.
Specificity: very long blond dreads
Linde hasn’t appeared much (twice…?), and is accordingly usually unsure how to react to his existence in the Closet. Is generally shy. Comics – Top

Ville (Lil Lii)

Muse: Ville Liimatainen, singer for Flinch.
Specificity: tendancy to provoke accidents or fails, usually blond hair (short to medium-length)
Lil Lii got his name from the fact that his muse is the youngest of the Liimatainen brothers (Tommi, Jonne, Ville). Generally quite naive and vaguely clueless, he’s adorable despite the numerous… incidents that seem to follow him. Comics – Top

Osku (The Scary One)

Muse: Oskari Salo, drummer for Flinch.
Specificity: black mohawk, shaved sides, black clothes, labret, frowney eyebrows
Osku’s muse first appeared in the Finndom when Flinch got a new lineup. As he looked scary in the promo pics, he was named The Scary One, and it stuck (though he’s not really). Closet Osku is, however, kinda moody, and generally looks a bit annoyed/angry, but it’s mostly the eyebrows. Also, he has to put up with Lil Lii. That counts. Comics – Top

The Muff

Muse: The Muff, singer and guitarist for Naked.
Specificity: a giant, fluffy, shady hairdo, white tank top, jeans, SEXY SHOES
The Muff is quite mysterious. He’s never doing anything. …THINGS disappear around him. He never understands why. But I suggest you stay away from his hair.
He has the most awesomest shoes ever. Well, sometimes. Valo keeps stealing them. Comics – Top


Muse: Lauri “Lintu” Ylönen, singer for The Rasmus.
Specificity: short spiky black hair with feathers
Lauri is, so far, just reaaaaally weirded out by the other Closet Characters. Can’t really blame him, actually. Comics – Top

Jann Wilde (The Wilde Mime)

Muse: Jann Wilde, singer and guitarist of various bands named after him.
Specificity: large heap of dark, fluffy hair, much makeup, and weird clothing
Jann is a bit clueless and theatrical. He also tends to get on the diva side, and is disliked by Pinkass. He can be vaguely scary. Comics – Top

Marko The Butterfly Ballerina

Muse: Marko Saaresto, singer for Poets Of The Fall.
Specificity: black beanie hat, shadow of a beard, orange tutu, usually followed by a butterfly
Marko the Butterfly Ballerina was inspired by the ballerina moves his muse makes onstage. He is a sage and completely just generally enjoys the simplest truths of life, though paradoxally he’s also a bit naive. Also, he has no clue about the butterfly. Comics – Top


Muse: Matti “Masa” Lehtonen, tour manager/manager/roadie for too many bands to list them all here.
Specificity: light brown hair tied in a bun
Masa is one of the kinda-exceptions group, as his muse isn’t currently in a band. He used to be though, so it’s ok. Closet Masa is a bit awkward in here, since he’s not used to the limelight like band guys are. He’s also a bit awkward around Jussi, but for other reasons. Comics – Top


Muse: Tommi Liimatainen, band manager and head of record label Hype.
Specificity: long blond hair (in a bun or not), beard and mustache, long sleeve shirt and/or suit
Tommi is that other exception in the closet as his muse is not in a band. However, as the oldest of the Liimatainen brothers (Ville, Jonne, Tommi) and as a prominent figure in most of the closet bands’ lives, it was only a matter of time before he appeared here. He’s serious and organized and businesslike, which is to be expected considering his position. He also likes to blow up things. Comics – Top