Muse: Jukka “Julius” Nevalainen, drummer for Nightwish.
Specificity: bandana, beard, long, tied dark hair
Jukka doesn’t quite have a personality in the Closet, mostly because he hasn’t appeared here much. Mostly that time naked in the snow with the rest of the Nightwish characters…. Comics – Top


Muse: Tuomas “Maestro” Holopainen, keyboardist for Nightwish.
Specificity: Long dark wavy hair, beard and mustache, bracelets
Tuomas is quite shy. He’ll be very mature and look unimpressed when confronted with weird behavior, or downright creeped out, but present him with anything cute or adorable or Tony and he’ll be squeeing.
He’s closely protected by the League. Comics – Top


Muse: Erno “Emppu” Vuorinen, guitarist for Nightwish.
Specificity: long blond hair, short, mischievous expression, usually with other Nightwish characters
Emppu is a player and a charmer, much like his muse’s public persona. He hasn’t appeared much in the comics, but at least we know that Marco is better than him at videogames. Comics – Top


Muse: Marco Hietala, bassist for Nightwish.
Specificity: Long blond hair, viking beard
Marco is, well, a viking. Or as Finns pronounce it, Wiking. He’s proud and fearsome and he doesn’t exactly care what you think. He’s very good at video games. Comics – Top