Muse: Jonne Aaron Liimatainen, singer for Negative.
Specificity: Short to shoulder-length blond hair, long eyelashes, blue eyes, general girly looks/attitude/aspirations
By the time I jumped on the Negative bandwagon, Jonne Aaron had this very girly look going on: makeup, girly clothes and accessories, etc. The Closet Jonne retained those characteristics. He’s naive but not, innocent but not, pink, and sparkly. He’s usually sad to be reminded he’s not a girl. He’s devoting his affection to Larry and Kris, depending on my mood 8) Comics – Top

Antti Anatomia

Muse: Antti “Anatomia” Aatamila, bassist for Negative.
Specificity: semi-long red dreads, spike labret, open vest
Antti Anatomia is hyper and outspoken. He’s a very adamant promoter of turtleness, and will not hesitate to shove one in your face (usually his own, Vihtori the turtle, DUUUDE). He’s also the Ant(t)i Hero. Comics – Top


Muse: Janne “Jay Slammer” Heimonen
Specificity: none
Jay has appeared about 5 times in comics, almost every time with a different look. Usually though, he has relatively short dark hair. He’s got a bit of an attitude and doesn’t like to be messed with. Comics – Top

Mr Snack

Muse: Janne “Mr. Snack/Nakki” Kokkonen, keyboardist for Negative.
Specificity: oval head, long dark hair, relaxed clothing, right eyebrow ring
Mr Snack actually appeared a few times already – but this is by far the best one. He’s relaxed, thoughtful, patient – but he has his limits. Don’t test them. Comics – Top



Muse: Jukka Kristian “Sir General Christus” Mikkonen, previously guitarist for Negative, currently for The Salvation.
Specificity: funky hairdo (black and/or blond), pink, monroe piercing and lipring
Kris is, overall, quite naive and innocent. No, really. He kinda sees the world in pink. If it’s pink, it’s good. If it’s weird – and pink – it’s good. He likes to tease his friends playfully and to generally have fun. I must admit, I – She-Who-Hates-Pink – have grown to like him. Comics – Top


Muse: Lauri “Larry Love” Markkula, guitarist for Negative.
Specificity: Long, curly brown hair, mole on the right side of his mouth, open vest, jeans
Larry is cool. He’s laid back. He’ll stoically watch something happen and seemingly not react. His general thought on pretty much everything is something along the lines of “…riiight.” or “Yeah. Whatever.”. He’s one of Jonne’s target of affection. Comics – Top


Muse: Tuomas “Gary” Keskinen, ex-Negative guitarist
Specificity: short, light brown hair, a bit spiky on the sides
Gary only appeared once, as his muse was only briefly part of Negative. He was rather uneasy at the band’s enthusiasm to hire him, too (Gary, not the muse). Comics – Top