Muse: Torsti “Theon” Makinen, singer for Lovex.
Specificity: short blond hair, eyebrow ring, sometimes with a top hat and/or a chihuahua
Theon is a self-assured, theatrical performer with an attitude. He loves to show off, to get attention and is very annoyed when he thinks someone copied something off him. He has this love/hate relationship with Wiwian, who he uses as his steed when he feels like being a superhero. He also has Mini, the chihuahua. Comics – Top


Muse: Risto “Vivian Sin’mor” Solopuro, guitarist for Lovex.
Specificity: short, spiky black hair (manga-like), dark clothes (often with red markings), annoyed look
Wiwian definitely needs anger-management therapy. He’s awfully jealous of everything that comes close to Theon, and tends to get a bit… aggressive. His favorite weapons are sharp, and he recently got an awesome axe. The microphone is his worst enemy. Comics – Top

Muse: Juho “Julian” Järvensivu, drummer for Lovex.
Specificity: semi-long brown hair with a large fringe, shy/awkward look
Chulian is the baby, and he’s not allowed to ever grow up. He has undertaken the duty of the cow suit, but he’s reaaaally uneasy about it. I’m guessing it wasn’t his idea. Comics – Top