Day Eleven


Janne P. (Octopussy)

Muse: Janne Pajari, singer for Day Eleven.
Specificity: long dark dreadlocks, hoodie
Janne P. only had a few appearances but he makes his most remarked one sporting an octopus on his head, following my friend’s comparison of his hair. He’s lead his own bandmates on a crusade for pants. He’s quite unsure where he stands with the League, but like any respectable Finn, he’s wary of them. Comics – Top


Muse: Matti Lötjönen, guitarist for Day Eleven.
Specificity: Long wavy blond hair, blond pinch
Matti doesn’t really have a personality in my comics, as I’m actually not really familiar with his muse in the first place. He’s a bit withdrawn but he’ll follow the leader (Janne P.). Comics – Top


Muse: Luca Di Giovanni, drummer for Day Eleven.
Specificity: long brown hair, nose ring, pink underwear
Luca likes to play drums in his underwear. Preferably pink. And he doesn’t agree with his bandmates that he should put on some pants, sometimesComics – Top

Kimmo (The Glaring Finn)

Muse: Kimmo Kärkkäinen, bassist for Day Eleven.
Specificity: beanie hat, mustache and beard, hoodie
The Glaring Finn was based on the misconception that his muse was looking annoyed/angry all the time. I made a comic about it and it stuck. The actual character (not the person) is actually quite glarey, and after a brief scare with the League, has become one of their nemesis. Comics – Top


Muse: Olli Sopanen, guitarist for Day Eleven.
Specificity: nose ring, blue hockey helmet, often with a pool stick
Olli is a very happy-go-lucky guy, sporting his lucky helmet all the time. He believes that pool sticks are the most useful accessories there can be. Comics – Top