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Waury – PinkassMicrophoneVihtoriMillion Dollar Baby SealPK (Phantom Keyboardist)Commodore the Red-Tie SheepEmily the White-Tie Sheep – RumorsFactsNinja Butterfly – LoveLifeHateTimeAlcohol


Muse: Me (Laury M. Dragon, the author).
Specificity: medium-length purple hair, labret piercing, black pants, black t-shirt with a red rectangle, red-and-black arm warmers (“Teemu arms”)
Waury is the League’s leader. She spots and chases down stupid people Finns who are not applying the rules and punishes them accordingly, though she’s a bit less confident now that said Finns are less afraid of her. Still, she inspires enough fear to do her duties. She was formerly known as She-Who-Hates-Pink, for obvious reasons, and managed in her adventures never to come close to anything pink besides Pinkass. ComicsTop


Muse: Priscillia “Pinkass/Pinkachu/Pinkcess/Pastlink” Sicuranzo, one of my best friends.
Specificity: semi-long black hair with bangs, nose ring, hot pink long-sleeve shirt, black pants
Pinkass is one half of the League. Though she mainly follows Waury’s lead on beard matters, she’s very adamant about protecting hair – especially Juha’s. She (obviously) loves pink and the people in it, and otherwise goes merrily about her business. ComicsTop

The Microphone

Muse: Theon’s microphone in the photoshoot for Lovex’s Divine Insanity’s.
Specificity: old-fashioned, 50’s-looking microphone on a stand
Yes, the microphone gets an entry as a character. See, Wiwian is such a jealous bitch so aggressive toward it, it has become a very passive, but incredibly smug element of the comics. It doesn’t really do anything, actually, except appreciate Theon’s attention and suffer Vivian’s wrath. Comics – Top

Vihtori the Turtle, Duuude

Muse: Antti Anatomia’s real life turtle.
Specificity: small, shelled, with an attitude
Vihtori was first called Duuude as I didn’t know its name, but then (a reader) told me its name. In great parts due to Antti Anatomia’s praising, Vihtori has developped the certainty that turtles are the next best thing (which they are) and will prove it to you. It generally leads the other Closet animals. Comics – Top

Mini The Chihuahua

Muse: Theon’s real life chihuahua dog of the same name.
Specificity: black and white, surprised look
Mini is constantly wondering what’s happening around it, and it never has a clue. It also ends up in funny places – in a hat, buried in the snow… Comics – Top

The Millon Dollar Baby Seal

Muse: none
Specificity: white baby seal with big shiny eyes
The Baby Seal appeared first to illustrate Alexi’s soft heart. It’s pretty much just being there and being cute. Comics – Top

PK (Phantom Keyboadist)

Muse: none
Specificity: is a ghost?
PK is the ghost of a very prolific, unnamed keyboardist who, like too many of them, was overlooked by his fans. He does now what he did for a living: play keyboards and being unnoticed. He’s a bit annoyed by it though. Comics – Top

Commodore The Red Tie Sheep

Muse: Las’s plushie Commodore The Red Tie Sheep
Specificity: is a white sheep, wears a red tie
Commodore’s original personality was developped by his owner Las, and has been adapted for the comics. He’s got an attitude and is vaguely vain, but he’s a very nice g- hum, sheep. It has to be mentioned, he’s gay. Comics – Top

Emily The White Tie Sheep

Muse: my own black(-dyed) plushie sheep.
Specificity: is a black sheep, wears a white tie
Emily is Commodore’s goth cousin. She wasn’t always on the dark side, but followed Comm’s steps in anti-conformity. She self-assured and dislikes being made fun of, which Commodore loves to do. She loves hard rock and metal, and otherwise artsy, theatrical performances. Comics – Top


Muse: none.
Specificity: long, wavy flaming red hair, white tank top, blue jeans, tongue piercing
Rumors is probably my favorite character. Whether their gender is male or female is undisclosed, so let’s use “They”. They love to forward information – no matter if it’s true or not, as long as it’s interesting or funny. That tendency annoys Facts considerably, of course, and I suspect they’re related. They’re usually quite easy going and smiley and friendly. Comics – Top


Muse: none.
Specificity: short, classy blond hair, large round glasses, white shirt, blue jeans
Facts is Rumors’s counterpart. He detests gossiping and spreading false information, and will promptly step in to correct people. Sometimes, he’s lucky, and the truth is actually to his advantage. Comics – Top


Muse: none.
Specificity: short cropped blond hair, black shades, yellow shirt, blue jeans, blind walking stick
Love is blind. Love hits people hard on the head when they least expect it. He’s always surprised when he fails, but he recognizes that it happens. He doesn’t like to see his friends fighting. Comics – Top

The (Ninja) Butterfly

Muse: none.
Specificity: orange, following Marko the Ballerina, is a butterfly?
The Butterfly was at first only there to characterize Marko, but it turns out it’s actually a ninja butterfly, and it’s keeping a close eye on the ballerina. Who knows why? Perttu likes it, he thinks it’s pretty. Comics – Top


Muse: none.
Specificity: Short rainbow-colored/color-changing hair, pink eyes, white t-shirt and cargo pants
Life is a bitch. You’ll have gathered that much from the comics already. She’s not totally mean, though, and even though idiocy annoys her, well, sometimes she does get softer with puppy eyes. 42. Comics – Top


Muse: none (Love?).
Specificity: short cropped blond hair, black shades, yellow shirt, blue jeans, black hard club
You’re forgiven for mistaking him for Love. Happens all the time. He hits harder, though. Cause his stick his bigger 😛 Comics – Top


Muse: partially Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood
Specificity: Long white hair with a V hairline, short white beard, golden eyes, long white coat
Time is technically neutral, but he’s really a nice guy. It’s not so much about what he does, than what people do with him. He likes to just go by and watch people carry on with their lives. Comics – Top


Muse: partially Captain Jack Harkness from Torchwood and his interpreter, John Barrowman
Specificity: Short but flowing black hair, dark eyeliner, red-and-white striped shirt, knotted scarf, black pants and earrings on both ears
A very long-term friend of Rumors, Al is very open-minded to people and ideas. He owns Al’s Bar, which contrarily to Closet Baari, serves other stuff than iced tea. He employs Fun as a bartender, and Reason as a bouncer.Comics – Top