Muse: Alarik Valamo, drummer for Bloodpit (The Cloudycators).
Specificity: long, wavy light brown hair, tongue piercing, naive look
He’s actually about as naive as his expression suggests, but in the way that he doesn’t get worried over much. Likes beer and candy. And Aleksi. Comics – Top


Muse: Paavo Pekkonen, guitarist for Bloodpit.
Specificity: long brown hair in a bun, beard and mustache, glasses
Paavo is a very easy-going guy, very much liking his beer. Even sober, he’s just seeing the world in flowers and butterflies and birds. Comics – Top
*Photo credit to Nerakrose


Muse: Aleksi Keränen, bassist for Bloodpit.
Specificity: oval head, medium-length dark hair
Aleksi is generally a bit grumpy, but that’s just because everyone’s picking on him. Or so he explains. Comics – Top

Antti R.

Muse: Antti Ravín, singer for Bloodpit.
Specificity: shadow of a beard, unkempt dark hair, dark clothes
Antti R. is a bit… unfocused, but you could take it as being laid back. His lyrics are funny 😀 Comics – Top


Muse: Petri “Pietu” Hiltunen, guitarist for Bloodpit.
Specificity: relatively short dark hair with lighter highlights, piercing on the left side of his lower lip, plushie dog in tow
I don’t know much about Pietu’s actual muse, apart from his love for his giant dog, soooo, I made Closet Pietu to seriously always have a plush toy of it along. He’s quite reasonable otherwise. Comics – Top


Muse: Matti “Matthau Mikojan” Mikkonen
Specificity: relatively short, dark hair, pinch
The early comics’ Matthau was very different from the current ones, but you can’t see that cause the first ones have disappeared (muahahahahaha). Nowadays he’s mostly convinced that he knows the solution and is awesome. Comics – Top