Eicca – Perttu – Paavo – Mikko – Antero

Muse: Perttu Kivilaakso, cellist for Apocalyptica.
Specificity: Long, wavy brown hair, beard and mustache, usually bare-chest, often with broken finger(s)
Perttu is a bit fragile: handle with care. Though he seemed also fragile emotionally at the beginning of the comics, he’s gotten a bit more… mischievous with time. Comics – Top


Muse: Eino “Eicca” Toppinen, cellist for Apocalyptica.
Specificity: Long blond hair, black shirt with skeleton marks, jeans, sometimes gaffa-tape, sometimes chasing Mikko to get a cello back
Cellos are very dear to Eicca: after letting Mikko audition with one, he vowed that no cello would ever suffer like that again. Eicca is also Gaffaman: if there is something broken, he’ll fix it. With gaffa-tape. Comics – Top

Paavo L.

Muse: Paavo Lötjönen, cellist for Apocalyptica.
Specificity: black mohawk, sometimes glasses, often cello
Paavo L. is very much hyperactive. He’s usually easy-going with people, but you don’t want to annoy him. He’s doing enough exercise to take you on. Be nice, or beware. Comics – Top


Muse: Mikko Sirén, drummer for Apocalyptica.
Specificity: medium-length blond hair, unbuttoned white shirt, black markings on his right eye
Mikko loves cellos. Maybe a bit too much. After trying out for the band, Eicca revoked his right to ever touch one again – which, much like it would do to any kid, only reinforced his desire to play. So you’ll see him running away with one, usually chased down by Eicca. His second favorite exercise is to annoy Paavo L. Comics – Top

Muse: Antero “Mr CO^OL” Manninen, ex-cellist for Apocalyptica.
Specificity: short blond hair, combed back neatly, round sunglasses, serious look
Even if Antero’s muse hasn’t officially been part of Apocalyptica for over a decade, he has a very strong fanbase, and he’s generally awesome, which is why he appears here. He is a serious, posed classical cellist. He also loves to make people believe is blind. Which he’s not. Comics – Top