is a hard rock band originating from Tampere, currently on “creative break”.

Originally formed under the successive names of “RIP” and “Turmio”, Bloodpit found its name in one of its founders’ dreams: a certain Lennon told guitarist Paavo Pekkonen to form a band and to call it Bloodpit. Paavo obediently complied with other guitarist and singer Matti “Matthau Mikojan” Mikkonen, and the band was officially born in 1998.

The next few years saw many competitions, almost as many prizes and a fair share of successive drummers and bass players (among which Jukka “Sir Christus” Mikkonen, Matthau’s older brother, who eventually left to play guitar for Negative), until they settled for a more definite lineup with Alarik Valamo on drums and Aleksi Keränen on bass, in 2002.

It took 3 more years to get a label, but Bloodpit finally released their first album, Mental Circus, in 2005. More limelight, a new record deal and 2 years later, they released Off The Hook, and managed to snag the opening act spot for Motley Crüe at the Helsinki Icehall that summer.
The end of the warm season also brought an end to that era of Bloodpit: Matthau’s personal problems sparked an onstage scene from which the rest of the band walked away, finally splitting them. Matthau pursued a solo career, and has released two albums so far.

It took about a year for the remaining Bloodpit members – Paavo, Alarik and Aleksi – to take up the BP banner once more and announce a new singer (Antti Ravín) and a new guitarist (Pietu Hiltunen). They first released the Recovered EP, then The Last Day Before The First. For You To Be Safe, singled off it, was featured in the Finnish horror movie Skeleton Crew. After about a year and a half of touring in Finland and abroad, Bloodpit announced by the end of 2009 that they were going on “creative break”. Most of the band now pursues other projects.


Albums /
– Mental Circus (2005)
– Off The Hook (2007)
– The Last Day Before The First (2009)

EPs /
– Sauna Päälle! (2006)
– Recovered (2008)

Videos /
Platitude / Bad-Ass Blues / Wise Men Don’t Cry / For You To Be Safe