With time, as I drew a lot, I have come to gradually eliminate drawings I’d kept because at the time, they were some of my best works. Sadly, it means that a lot of the evolution in my skills has been lost.

However, my mom (who did not have extraordinary artistic skills on paper but enjoyed it a bit nonetheless) decided, when I was 4, to scale one of my drawings in her own sketch pad. She saved it and gave it to me many years ago. The pad is in pieces now, but I’ve kept the drawing. Here it is, just to prove all of you that hey, I started somewhere too 😛

It’s a cat! 😀

Notice how I drew some fingers on the paws (but only 2 paws, because it’s sideways, obviously). For SOME reason, I REALLY like the tail.

My mom told me that when I was young, I’d draw (quite good) faces upside down. She’d ask me about it, so I’d just turn them around and tell her, “See, they’re on the right side!”

Weird… =P

(btw sorri about the lack of posts in the past few days, I’ve had trouble with my file manager. All sorted now.)


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