No, he’s not a girl.
But who cares anyway.

I don’t know if anyone noticed, but I haven’t drawn Kris and Jonne together ever since Kris left Negative.
It just didn’t feel right.

This year, I made a decision.

Though I’ve claimed it for a long while now, the characters you see in my comics are exactly that – characters. They are inspired by real people (except a few of them), but they now act accordingly to the personality I made them evolve with.

So even if I know that Kris and Jonne haven’t really kept contact, I decided that in my comics, they would resume their friendship and make peace.
That’s my gift to you all who, like me, was very much saddened by the end of that friendship.

Now imagine them running into each other’s arms and hugging tightly.
Cause I can’t draw it. XD

Merry Krismas <3

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